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Ponderings on a podcast and the internal barriers we set ...

I'm currently excited and terrified at the same time. In order to improve engagement with the Mountain Walking Newbies Facebook Group and to try and reach out to a wider audience of newbies, I committed to doing a podcast. OH MY GOD - what have I done?!

Excited because this is a new thing, a new challenge and I firmly believe that, in order to prevent life becoming dull and stultifying, we should all try and do new things, It's good for your mental health as well; learning improves and protects your brain and, boy, have I had to learn a lot in order to start a podcast.

Excited because this could be huge ...

But terrified because this could be a complete flop.

Terrified because I might run out of things to say and broadcast - apparently this is quite a common fear with new podacsters, so that's encouraging at least.

Terrified because this is so far outside my comfort zone.

And it got me to thinking about the stuff we tell ourselves we can't do. I wonder how many other people have thought "It would be really great if I could...." immediately followed by "But it's too difficult/I can't do that/it's not my thing etc.".

I think we all allow our fears and insecurities to stop us doing things. We build barriers and then, because we haven't done something, we reinforce those barriers. And that becomes a habit.

Frankly, I reckon most of us are quite capable of doing almost anything we set our minds to; listening to the fantastic podcasts by Liv Bolton (Theoutdoorsfix.com) and the stories of people on there who have refused to be put off by "can't", is most inspiring and uplifting.

In the past 4 days, I've half-built a new website, downloaded and learned (at a very basic level) to use Audacity for recording and mixing audio, created an intro with music and voice-over, worked out (roughly) how and where to host the podcast episodes and secured 6 definite guests, all of whom are absolutely awesome people. I CAN do a podcast and it WILL be great; I will not be put off. I just need to keep the momentum going and build a new habit.

I do have to say a big thank you to thepodcasthost.com; an outstanding resource of free material for the wannabe podcaster. Thank you guys, you rock.

Wish me luck.

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