• Mike Potts

"And the walls came tumbling down on the podcast that we love ...."

What an intense 2 weeks that was; on 26 January I made a terrifying commitment to producing a podcast to complement the MWN Facebook Group and to improve the reach of our mission to advise, inform and inspire prospective hill- and mountain-walkers.

On 5 February I published the first episode, a Trailer episode explaining "the who, what, why and how" of MWN. You can access it on the website here.

Two weeks in which I downloaded and learnt to use Audacity for audio and music editing, set up a basic but half-decent podcast recording rig with a decent microphone, boom arm and 'pop filter', created a new MWN web page, set up a podcasting host site and contacted a dozen or so potential guests, all outstanding people with a valuable contribution on a technical aspect of hill walking or with a fascinating tale to tell, and all of who agreed to be gests.

On a previous post I talked about the internal barriers we put in our own way and man, were those walls high on 26 Jan. Imposter syndrome was set to MAX!

But I managed to reduce them as the two weeks progressed, each little success spurring me on.

And then, it came time to press the 'publish' button on the podcast ..... uh, oh, the walls have been rebuilt, higher than ever.

The solution; go for broke. So I did. I pressed the button and then cowered in the corner waiting for the mockery and criticism.

But all I got were compliments and praise ... and the walls came tumbling down. Just goes to prove that you just have to put yourself out there, take a risk, try something new and scary - it's as invigorating as plunging into an ice-cold river on a hot summer day. Thank you to all of you for your support - you have no idea how much it means.

Of course, there's still a lot to do for every episode; scripting, publishing the episode and then embedding/copying the links to make sure everything joins up, writing up the show notes.

But I've gone from feeling like I'm going to make a complete t*t of myself to feeling like I'm invincible - this podcast is going to be freaking awesome!!!!

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