Episode 01:07 Nigel Vardy aka Mr Frostbite; International Adventurer, Mountaineer, Motivational Speaker, Author and President of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team.

In this episode, Nigel describes his youth in Belper Derbyshire, growing up walking in the hills, climbing and undertaking a range of adventurous activities through school At 16 he started work as an Electrical Engineer before being accepted for a 3-month trip to S America with Operation Raleigh where he discovered his love of adventurous travel. His adventures and climbing progressed into winter climbing culminating in his fateful trip to Mt McKinley, Alaska, in 1999 where he and his 2 companions were caught in a fierce storm and escaped with their lives, but not all their fingers,  toes or noses?!


Not to be put off, Nigel got back into climbing and adventurous travel as well as pursuing a love of motivational speaking, his goal being to inspire people, especially young people, to seize every opportunity and embrace life. Nigel also describes his adventures to climb the seven highest mountains on the seven largest islands.  

In March 2021, after a period of acting as a non-hill member volunteer with Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, Nigel was invited to become the Team's President.

Nigel's books "Once bitten" and "Seven Peaks – Seven Islands" are available in "all good book shops and at amazon.co.uk".

Nigel's website and blog are available at https://www.mrfrostbite.com along with details of his availability for speaking engagements.

Theme music Tourner a Trois, courtesy of Albireo. More details available at https://albireo.bandcamp.com.


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