Episode 01:06 Mike Raine; International Mountain Guide, former Plas y Brenin Senior Instructor, Author of "Nature of Snowdonia, and podcaster ("Notes from the hill").

In this episode, Mike tells us how he came into teaching and training in the outdoors, discusses the unique flora and fauna of Snowdonia, talks about the writing of "Nature of Snowdonia" (which is considered core reading for the Mountain Leader award), describes what the ML award is, and tells us about some of his experiences as guide, with a top tip for those venturing into the hills of Snowdonia. A key point highlighted in this interview is not to pick any flowers or plants you find; they may appear abundant where you are but that may be the only occurrence of them in the UK - please leave them there for others to enjoy.

Signed copies of Mike's book "Nature of Snowdonia" can be purchased at https://www.mikeraine.co.uk/product-page/nature-of-snowdonia-2nd-edition

Mike's podcast is at https://www.mikeraine.co.uk/podcast-introducing-birds or through your usual podcast provider 

Mike's website and blog are available at https://www.mikeraine.co.uk/blog

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