Episode 01:05 Adrian Trendall; Skye Mountain Guide, Author of The Cuillin Traverse guidebook, Photographer and creator of All Things Cuillin Facebook Group.

In this Episode Mike talks to Adrian about the journey that found him washing up in Glen Brittle on the wonderful Isle of Skye, his writing of the definitive guide for the Cuillin Ridge Traverse, his photography and, of course, the immensely successful All things Cuillin Facebook Group.

Adrian gives out some expert hints and tips for would-be Cuillin visitors or Ridge Traversers.

For guiding and photography courses and purchasing images, details are available at https://allthingscuillin.co.uk/ 

The Cuillin Ridge Traverse guidebook can be purchased at https://www.cicerone.co.uk/authors/adrian-trendall

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