If you're a hill-walker who dreams of going higher, further, longer, but don't know where to start, I hope to provide advice, information and inspiration.

I'm Mike Potts, a walker, climber, (ex-)skier and member of Mountain Rescue in the Peak District, who's dabbled in winter-climbing. I love the hills and mountains; they provide comfort, solace, respite, exercise and general physical and mental well-being.

I want to help those who wish to expand their horizons but feel they don't have the knowledge, skills or experience, or who simply don't know where to begin, to find the courage and inspiration to just get out there, but to do so safely and competently.

There are pages of technical advice on a range of subjects from what to wear to what to eat, and the podcasts provide practical advice and stories from folk who live, work and travel in the hills and mountains; I hope you enjoy.

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Foggy Mountains